Continental MaxContact MC6
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Grip Performance on Dry Road - 100%
Grip Performance on Wet Road - 80%
Dry Braking Performance - 100%
Wet Braking Performance - 80%
Noise Control - 100%
Comfort - 60%

MaxContact MC6

Rated By 1 users
MaxContact® MC6 MAX benefits for your car.
  • Maximum Safety by offering confident braking in wet and dry conditions.
  • Maximum Confidence thanks to sporty handling and direct feedback from the road.
  • Maximum Value from the perfect combination of good mileage and low noise.
Tyre Features
Multiple features guarantee outstanding performance.
Dedicated areas on MaxContact™ MC6's tread design deliver high levels of performance from the tyre. These features cover all four directional forces that are applied to the tyre tread. 

Delivers high levels of grip when needed most.
The special adhesive polymers within the MaxContact™ MC6 compound are specifically designed to accomplish the extreme high grip requirements of the driver. 
Continental is a technology leader in compounding. For MC6 we took all levels of traction into account to reach maximum grip under all conditions.

Reduce tyre flexing to bring handling and high-speed stability to the next level.
The stiffness of the Xtreme-Force ply material of MaxContact™ MC6 reduces tyre flexing during hard cornering and at high speed driving providing maximum control and better handling. 
At lower speeds or less sporty driving, less force are applied to the tyres. In such cases, the Xtreme-Force ply material is still flexible enough to ensure a comfortable ride in the comfort zone area, while a standard tyre would be not that flexible. 
In the sporty zone, the Xtreme-Forece ply material allows the MaxContact MC6 to be more rigid, which provides direct feedback to the driver. A conventional ply material would be flexing much more resulting in reduced feedback in cornering and steering at high speeds. 

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Ronnie Hodgson
last year
subaru xv - 225/55R17
Driver has driven 60000 KM.
Grip Performance on Dry Road 5/5Grip Performance on Wet Road 4/5
Dry Braking Performance 5/5Wet Braking Performance 4/5
Comfort 3/5Noise Control 5/5

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