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Proxes TR1 The newest high-performance Sporty Ultra tire that brings together 2 top-rated sporty tires together with the unique Proxes Sport tire pattern and the V-Shape Design pattern from Proxes T1R . Together as an asymmetric tread pattern that is unique, sleek and unique. For perfect control on every surface
And the first time of tire and technology
TIRE WEAR INDICATOR that can check when and when
Which should change the tires next time

The latest technology for safety can check when it is time to change tires.

New design tread groove
For precise control And help in getting out And shorten the braking distance

Large main drainage groove
For efficiency in draining out of the tire quickly

Oblique drainage
Helps increase drainage efficiency from the tire quickly, preventing water glide. While driving at high speed

Drainage groove on the shoulder area
Helps quickly drain water from the oblique drainage groove.

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