Bridgestone TURANZA T005A
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Grip Performance on Dry Road - 100%
Grip Performance on Wet Road - 80%
Dry Braking Performance - 80%
Wet Braking Performance - 80%
Noise Control - 100%
Comfort - 80%


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Bridgestone TURANZA T005A premium innovation. Provides superior driving experience. With more silence Soft and comfortable. And safer on every trip.

More silent: The number and appearance of the tread blocks are uneven. It reduces noise while driving. The tread was adjusted to the right angle, thus reducing impact.

Soft, comfortable: With a uniformly distributed pressure on the tire. Rubber reinforced rubber on the cheeks. It helps reduce vibration and increase the aesthetics of driving.

Even better: With the exclusive Bridgestone Nano Pro-Tech ™ blending technology. High-quality Silica Polymer This makes wet floor adhesion more effective. The tread pattern is rounded. This reduces torsion of the tread. Enhanced driving performance and braking.

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Supakim Kaew
10 months ago
Toyota Altis - 205/55R16
Driver has driven 70000 KM.
Grip Performance on Dry Road 5/5Grip Performance on Wet Road 4/5
Dry Braking Performance 4/5Wet Braking Performance 4/5
Comfort 4/5Noise Control 5/5
เป็นยาง Made in Indonesia คุณภาพดี มั่นใจในแบรนบริสโตน ลดเสียงรบกวนดีกว่า Dunlop EC300 ตัวที่ติดมากับรถ

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