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With consumer-driven needs at the center of its tire innovations, the new Wrangler TripleMax provides peace-of-mind for a safer drive, keeping families more secure across any road condition. Goodyear developed the Wrangler TripleMax with an improved version of its proprietary HYDROGRIP Technology®. Its innovative tread design, optimized carcass, and high grip compound deliver shorter wet braking performance. Designed for mid-size SUVs, the Wrangler TripleMax delivers Superior Braking Performance*, Shorter Wet Braking and Road Hazard Resistant features, offering a safer and more fun driving experience with the family.
*As compared with previous generation of Wrangler tested by Goodyear Testing Division on size 235/65R17 108H XL at Luxemburg Testing Center in October 2015.

Features and benefit

Large Blocks with high number of biting edges This provides an increased contact to road asperity.

Optimized Cavity and 5-Rib Tread matching This provides an increased road contact area through a robust footprint shape and pressure distribution.

2-Ply construction in the sidewall area This offers more material in the sidewall area for increased durability.

Rim Flange Protector With more material on the sidewall, rims and tires are protected against road hazards.

Wide Face Cavity This offers a large surface contact and concentrates pressure distribution on the Key Block element during braking.

Tread Compound The customized formulation of the tread compound, through an enhanced ESBR (Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber), is for multipurpose performance, with focus on safe wet braking.

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